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Australia’s on-demand sharing economy is rapidly expanding your options to earn an income; when and how you want to

How we help

At IncomeConnection, we make it easy for you to connect to options for earning an income. We search the market to provide you with a lot of choice. We also select the better options under each category.

Opportunities currently number over:


If you would like personal assistance, we can 

  1. help you earn an income that you are targeting 
  2. recommend options right for you
  3. help you build and grow a successful business


Melinda gave me the framework and the encouragement, helping to make it possible
— Roseanne McGrath

IncomeConnection client Roseanne McGrath explains what happens in a personal consultation.


More options than you realise. What is your situation?

Consider your options under each category:

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'Melinda offers individuals a unique service which opens your eyes to new ways of approaching income generation in the sharing economy. With her extensive expertise in this space, Melinda researches and is continuously uncovering new income earning options for clients. She listens, cares and presents tailored recommendations that help people move forward into new life and income earning possibilities. As a Career Coach, I regularly work with individuals dealing with uncertainty as they transition between jobs, or mature workers retrenched yet not ready to retire and concerned about their age. Finances can be an area of real concern in the interim and beyond. Melinda enthusiastically presents a portfolio of ways individuals can earn an income in the sharing economy that embraces the individual’s interests, hobbies, skills, assets, location and more…all with a generous, engaging and encouraging spirit. Melinda eases your mind, simplifies the steps and makes earning a new income that much more achievable. ' Marion Langford

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