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Personal consultation

Everyone is unique with their own goals, experiences, interests and expertise. Everyone has their own opportunities for earning an income among the many options available. Here are the steps:

1. A free, no-obligation 15 minute phone call where you can ask questions and assess whether IncomeConnection is the right service for you. We ask you what you are looking to achieve and about your background and interests. You can book your 15 minute phone call here via this calendar link.

2. A consultation where we meet with you person (or via phone or video if you are outside Sydney) and explore income earning opportunities for you. We bring to the consultation ideas based on the interests you expressed in our phone conversation with you.

We listen to what you like and don’t like about what we show you and answer your questions. Together we identify a short list to move forward with.

3. A strategy document is sent to you after the consultation that provides details of how to get started with each of the opportunities on your short list and how to maximise the income earned from them.

Included are tools, tips and education material that we have seen work.

The cost of the consultation is only $250 and is tax deductible¹ against the income earned. 

There is a money-back guarantee if the opportunities we show you don't generate an income for you.

‘I was coming to the end of a work contract. It triggered my thinking along the lines of ' what's my meaningful next step?'. I happened to see an online testimonial about IncomeConnection by someone I know and whose opinion I value. So I called Melinda. She generously gave of her time on the phone to understand me and from that conversation I looked forward to our meeting.

We met a week later, face to face. I was instantly impressed by Melinda's sincerity, reassuring manner and the research she'd done based on what she'd heard me say I was interested in. She presented for my consideration a list of options. What followed was two inspiring hours of ideation from the initial list, resulting in a number of opportunities to consider. From Melinda I received: simple tested tools to understand, design, even rework some thinking, a framework to look at business models, online links, and referrals so that I could follow through and connect with like minded people after our discussion. As well she gently reminded me of pragmatic considerations. Three months later, I'm settling into a new job and now exploring an opportunity to create another income stream. Melinda has followed up with me and provided me with more suggestions and encouragement. Thank you Melinda for your invaluable help and faith in what each of us is capable of!’ Theresa George


¹We recommend speaking with your accountant or tax adviser about your individual circumstances.