Asking for a friend

We often encounter the scenario of one partner no longer in full-time work and the other partner still happily working. Home renovation and golf only fills the days for so long before the boredom sets in. But there is a way out.

On-demand jobs: A lifeline for older workers

Bob, an active, healthy 70-year old, after months of applying for roles with limited success, realised that he was going to need to re-assess his approach and the type of work he wanted to do. With previous experience in the insurance sector, Bob decided to trial Uber driving. Keep reading to find out what happened next.

Persevering in a job you don't enjoy?

An sign that we are the wrong place is when we are nostalgic for the past. We can stick it out in a job because we think we need the income, security or status that the job provides. What if, instead of thinking our options are limited, we instead saw our possibilities as abundant?