10% of our job-content changes each year- 4 tips to keep skills current

No one wants to do the same thing forever right? With 10% of our jobs changing each year we can respond with fear or see it as a good thing.

As technology advances, customer expectations shift and global competition increases, we need constant re-skilling to remain relevant.

Some workplaces are great at providing training. But many aren’t and it’s in our interests to keep our skills current, particularly in the area of technology.

We used to complete higher degrees as a big knowledge gorge to set us up. But universities are now finding it hard to keep their courses current in the face of so much change.

We are the drivers of our own ongoing training so it’s a good thing that learning opportunities are becoming more accessible.

Here are some options that don’t cost a bomb:

  1. Head off to a free meet-up on a topic that interests you

  2. Take a Udemy course, with the average price at about $15. How about topics such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain or internet of things for the curious? 

  3. Academyxi and General Assembly have free events. They also have paid courses for those seeking more.  

  4. Professional groups also have educational nights and LinkedIn groups which are much more  accessible than they used to be  


Melinda Livingstone is the founder of IncomeConnection: matching people seeking an income with opportunities to earn an income from the growing on-demand sharing economy and setting them up for success. She writes and speaks on the on-demand sharing economy and the opportunities it provides.

Thanks to Grant King, Chair of the Business Council of Australia, for data on how our jobs are changing, speaking this week at The Sydney Institute.