Asking for a friend

It usually goes like this.

I want you to help my husband/wife. They are retired. Playing golf all the time has turned from a pleasure into a chore.

They are used to achieving things in their job and I can see that they are starting to get tetchy at the prospect of having nothing to organise.

Our current renovation project will only keep them busy for so long.

I am still working full-time and don’t want to stop. And I am concerned that my partner is hinting that that they would like me to join them at home.

Can you find some meaningful work for my partner to do?

At IncomeConnection, I often encounter the scenario of one partner no longer in full-time work and the other partner still happily working. Sometimes the retired partner has landed there due to unexpected redundancy or the mandatory retirement ages imposed by some employers.

It is ideal for couples talk about their shared goals for retirement before they get there and plan ahead. But as life can throw us a curve ball, we at IncomeConnection love to help out. Whether in planning for meaningful work in the years leading up to retirement or in retirement.

The question of ‘what do I want life to look like when I finish full-time work’ warrants our imaginative thinking and planning efforts. Retirement is a long time; 7,300 days. 175,200 hours.

If you’d like to ‘ask for a friend’, arrange a phone call with me here