Seeing the possibility and taking action


Many people want to work more but feel under-utilised. Perhaps life has thrown a curve ball – such as an unexpected redundancy.

Finding work as we age can be challenging. The statistics on how long it takes for an older person to find a job are disheartening. Yet there is a lot of expert help and support out there for you.

At one end of the spectrum are career coaches and other specialists who provide expertise in helping you to find a job.

And if you are looking for other options beyond a job, there is support to help you explore those possibilities too, such as the Silver & Wise business ownership program. Silver & Wise equip people aged over 40 to evaluate their business ideas and start a successful business.  

We at IncomeConnection fill the gap between the two - helping people who are looking for more flexibility and purpose than a conventional job but aren’t at the stage where they want to start a business.

We find that our patch - the sharing and gig economy - provides a safe space where people can test their ideas and readiness for starting a business

So if you are currently feeling under-utilised, the most important thing to do is keep your mind open to opportunities and your potential.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Have conversations with people who are doing things that you find interesting and inspirational and ask for advice - because we only have one life and who wants to live with regret?

Melinda Livingstone is the founder of IncomeConnection: matching people seeking an income with opportunities to earn an income from the growing gig and sharing economy and setting them up for success. She writes and speaks on the sharing economy and the opportunities it provides.