'Kill Me! My Husband's Retired'​

'Kill Me! My Husband's Retired'​

‘Retired Husband Syndrome’ is the popular phrase for it and Pat Dennis, the author of this book sees the funny side of a stressful situation.

But retirement from work can be really tough - it can mean leaving behind a sense of purpose, identity, connection with other people and routine. Boredom can be soul destroying – it leads to a lack of motivation and loneliness.

If left to go on for too long, depression can set in.

I have had clients who previously had a routine of being at their desks by 8am finding themselves sleeping in till 10am because they lost the structure and reason to get out of bed any earlier.

So marital dis-harmony isn’t a surprise.

Some people revert to going straight back to full-time work.

But this isn’t always possible; because mixed in there may the grief of an unexpected redundancy and the problem of ageism which stacks the odds against getting another job.   

One option is some flexible work in the on-demand sharing economy. Without the need to send in a resume and wait for a reply or sit job interviews, it can break that cycle of rejection. Work can be based around interests, career background, skills or assets. 

And if the book, ‘Kill Me, My Husband’s Retired!’ by Pat Dennis resonates with you, is it is currently on Amazon for $6.99. 

Melinda Livingstone is the founder of IncomeConnection: matching people seeking an income with opportunities to earn an income from the growing on-demand sharing economy and setting them up for success. She writes and speaks on the on-demand sharing economy and the opportunities it provides.

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