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Melinda Livingstone



About us

IncomeConnection is a social enterprise. The idea came about when founder, Melinda Livingstone, was trying to solve the problem of how she could help ordinary Australians save more for their retirement.

Saving is tough at the best of times, and can seem a monster task in the current climate, when wages growth is flat in Australia.

Many Australians like you want to make extra money or find more purposeful work and aren’t aware of their options.

At IncomeConnection we’re passionate about making it easy for you to earn an income doing what you want to do. We seek to understand your needs and connect you with opportunities that you are interested in and suit your situation. We are continually researching and selecting the best of the growing number of options available.  

Our founder, Melinda Livingstone, writes, presents and conducts workshops about the opportunities in the on-demand sharing economy.  

Melinda has been helping people achieve their financial goals for over 20 years, with a background in investment, superannuation and financial planning and has a track record of launching award-winning initiatives that make a difference for Australians.

She has done the study that you’d expect: a Masters in Business Management from Monash University, a Bachelor of Commerce from the UNSW, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning).

Melinda chairs FOLIA, a charity that advocates and raises funds for children with disabilities. She also helps new refugees to settle into life in Sydney with Sydney Refugee Teams.